About Me


Hello there,

I am Tammy, the author of My Personal Teacher (MPTeacher.com).

I remember a time when I dedicated countless hours searching for the perfect lesson plans for my students. Outside of regular school hours, I invested substantial time in planning, grading papers, and dealing with administrative tasks.

While my love for teaching and science never wavered, there were moments when exhaustion crept in, and I suspect that, to some extent, my students may have felt the effects.

This was the starting point of my journey to becoming “The MPTeacher.” I am here to offer assistance to YOU!

I firmly believe that teachers should be honored and that every student deserves a chance at success. I am confident that you can make a positive impact on their lives. Through my website and the resources I provide, I aim to help you regain that precious time.

My work has been recognized in Scholastic’s Instructor Magazine, and I have had the privilege of contributing to reputable websites such as Teachers Pay Teachers, Minds in Bloom, and Laura Candlers. I have received wonderful feedback and achieved remarkable success, not only in my own classroom but in others as well:


“I want to express how much this resource has helped me this year! It is not only well-organized and clear, but my students’ scores have seen remarkable improvements!! It included everything and more!” – Emily H.


“I am absolutely thrilled with this resource!! It is thoughtfully structured, offering engaging yet straightforward activities that require minimal preparation time. This unit is of exceptional quality, and I will definitely be purchasing more. Thank you for making my teaching journey easier!” – Angela R.


Are you prepared to reclaim your time and feel confident in teaching science? Are you eager to spend your evenings on activities of your choice? Do you yearn for that “perfect” lesson plan that impresses both your administrators and engages your students?

At MPTeacher.com, we empower upper elementary math and science educators to overcome these challenges by delivering top-notch, time-saving resources and expert guidance.

Allow us to assist you in effectively engaging and motivating all learners, bridging the learning gap, and providing support while reducing stress.